Xinglong National Greenway: Cycling through the pastoral fields

Cycling enthusiasts are riding along Xinglong National Greenway. (Photo by Zhang Jie/Hainan Daily)

"It is a really pleasant experience to ride along Xinglong National Greenway each time!" Wang Guohui, a cycling enthusiast rode a bike rushing down from a small slope on August 25. Each weekend, he enjoys a riding with friends at Wanning Xinglonng National Greenway.

Xinglong National Greenway is Wang Guohui’s favorite path for cycling, which is located at the Xionglong Overseas Chinese Tourism Economic Zone in Wanning. “The road conditions are good here, and the greenway boasts a beautiful environment with unique scenery,” said Wang Guohui. Completed in 2014, Xinglong National Greenway in Wanning is decorated with luxuriant trees along both sides and runs through many overseas Chinese villages, such as the Vietnam Village, Malaysia Village, Indonesia Village and Thailand Village.

“While cycling, we can find some places to have a break and enjoy the tasty Xinglong coffee, which is a great experience,” Wang Guowei added.

As the first greenway in Wanning, Xinglong National Greenway is rated as one of “China’s Top 10 Beautiful Footpaths”.

“With a planned total length of 138 kilometers, Xinglong National Greenway connects most of the scenic spots, attractions and beautiful villages together, which is quite suitable for cycling.” The person in charge of the management committee Xinglong Overseas Chinese Tourism Economic Zone said, tourists can bring their own bicycles or rent the bicycles at the rental center to ride along the greenway, enjoying a green and healthy lifestyle to do some exercises and breathe mint-like refreshing air.

Xinglong Overseas Chinese Tourism Economic Zone takes the Xinglong National Greenway as the main axis, and it has planned some interactive rural entertainment projects such as water recreation, fishing, barbecue and picking-up along the way. And the tropical flowers with different colors, tropical fruits and coffee trees are planted along the greenway.

“It’s very comfortable to ride here, the fresh air is full of the aroma of grass.” Zhang Hui, a cycling enthusiast, told Hainan Daily that the Xinglong National Greenway is well designed, and the road is smooth and wide. The greenway has small uphill and downhill slopes which are very suitable for riding, along the Xiangsi Lake with trees and flowers.

Along the Xinglong National Greenway, in addition to the beautiful natural scenery, tourists can also ride by returned overseas Chinese villages including the Vietnam Village, Malaysia Village, Indonesia Village and Thailand village.

"These villages may make you stop to rest and experience the fun of countryside." Zhang Hui said.

After the completion of the Xinglong National Greenway, activities such as cycling, camping, healthy running, outdoor trekking and orienteering are often held, attracting many tourists to participate. The relevant person in charge of the Management Committee of Xinglong Overseas Chinese Tourism Economicc Zone of Wanning City, stated that it will integrate the culture of overseas Chinese and tourism resources to showcase the splendid Xinglong ecological tourism, expand the space of Xinglong tourism, and facilitate rural tourism and related industries developments. It aims to provide a more comfortable and abundant travel experience for tourists.

Source: Hainan Daily

Responsible editor: 陈书敏
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